An Appreciation of the Five Best Leather Specialists from Ireland

#1 Ana Faye

Guys and gals nowadays are dying to get a leather accessory, especially a bag. They want one made and polished, along with its exceptional qualities such as style, toughness, and life span. Ana Faye is an Irish designer based in the northwest, and is a leather craftswoman who has honed her craft for more than 10 years running. She is an alumna of Central Saint Martins, and has earned a vast portfolio in the field of exceptional style in leather in various places as far China, before going back to her roots in Ireland. Her craft is restrained for those who surely know them, but you will surely be in awe of the style that she used, particularly the hue and shapes involved.

# 2 Holden

Conor Holden specialises in products made of leather since 1989 in Old Schoolhouse within Dingle Harbour, where he immerses himself in the picturesque Dingle Peninsula. His name might not be heard much around Ireland, but his leather products such as wallets, bags, belts, and purses are known to be excellently made and give what is due to the heritage of Ireland and its artists.

#3 De Bruir

A well-known leather expert, Garvan de Bruir is very adept in crafting cosmopolitan and useful leather items for all sexes. He has his own studio in Kildare where his makes his trendy masterpieces. De Bruir has slowly found his way into the international stores spanning Europe, the Americas, and even Asia. He specialises in office items, home goods, big bags, and racing items. For De Bruir, he believes that in masterpieces involving leather, strength in the form of shape is a primary key. His current trendy items are also available online.

#4 Carve On

An upstart company specialising in leather and began 8 years ago, Carve On was brought to life by Alan and Gary McCormack. Also started in Kildare, it flourished through the contemporary ideas and trendy innovations involved to realise its lofty goals and forward perspectives. It has then made its way in a bigger circle to cater to more leather enthusiasts, and has widened its internal team in the process. Just recently, it earned the top prize in an enterprising industry tilt.

#5 Paula Rowan

Paula Rowan specialises in leather accessories and has made herself a master in the industry for more than twenty years. She has earned the reputation in developing her abilities and has created durable such items in her bustling studio in Dublin. She has ranged her specialties in wallets and bags, but her greatest reputation is in her glove items, with which her renowned outlook is “the last thing you put on is the first thing that they will notice”. Such mindset definitely has given her a name in the Irish leather industry.

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