The people of Ireland are renowned to have a love for the arts this includes fashion, interior designers Dublin, Celtic designs and also contemporary. The quality and taste that Irish fashion boasts are something that can turn the heads of most people.  

The following are considered to be the best fashion artists of Ireland, we have included information on their top-of-the-line fashion products that are available on the market today.



Lainey Keogh has been in the fashion industry since three decades ago, specialising in comfortable and functional knitwear. She had her first big break during a major catwalk at the London Fashion Week in 1997. Many renowned models have worn her styles at the time. Eventually, a year later, her masterpieces made way to a famous fashion collection. Her specialties exude naturally and comfortability, with the usage of sustainable and wonderful fabric and hues. They are very airy that it feels like you are floating from above. At present, her items can be availed within the Western countries. You may want to check her specialties out available in both Dublin and Wicklow.


Among this enumeration, Theo and George may be the greenhorns, but they are undeniably making an indelible mark in the Irish fashion industry. Katelyn O’Riordan is the fashion artist of Theo and George. Having experience in sports apparel and in architecture, she was able to fuse both distinct characters to develop a fashion-forward apparel for ladies. She employs the mantra “Everyday Effortless,” which definitely envelopes the theme, as it targets women in different disciplines who are so busy with their current careers that they don’t want to waste precious time in matching their outfit for the day. To top it off, Katelyn assures that the apparel transcends natural sustainability through every fabric or material utilised. Also, she promises that each piece is suitable to the wearer regardless of size and contour of the body. At times, she opens some specialised shops around Ireland to showcase her craft and make them reach out to everybody.


An alumna of Dublin’s National College of Art and Design, Simone Rocha has become famous in the international fashion scene. After her training in Dublin, she later went to London to gain additional studies related to fashion design. Her set of fashionable collections may be as new as less than a decade ago, but she has definitely made her mark in the industry. This is evidenced by her receiving the award as the Womenswear Designer of 2016 at the British Fashion Awards. After all, her keen eye for fashion design runs in her genes as she herself is the daughter of John Rocha, also a renowned fashion artist. Nevertheless, she exhibits a distinct style that she considers her own, along with the specifics that can be branded as pioneering. Externally, her items may pose as simple enough, but truly they manifest awesome details imparting trendy approaches. While she does not have her own studio in Ireland, her collections can still be accessed and purchased online.


Chupi is a brainchild brand of namesake-owner Chupi Sweetman, a renowned fashion artist for her outgoing style. Her range of accessories and apparel usually depict something and is said to be crafted with a passion. It can be necklace inspired by the celestial bodies, or a ring that strikingly resembles that of a feather of a swan. Her passion for her personalised craft as well as her dedication to her loyal customers can be translated in her social media posts, with her specialty rings going as far as the other side of the earth as if telling a wonderful story. Conventional steps are still used in making different sets of shiny fashion items, but still exude that distinct quality exclusive in Ireland. Chupi’s personalized designs may be procured personally through its store in Ireland, or online on its official website.

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